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Latest Articles

Radio’s consistent reach is a boon to advertisers

According to a recent study by Mark Kassof & Co., consumers “grossly underestimate” how much American adults listen to the radio. When asked to estimate what percentage of Americans 18 and older listen to FM or AM radio stations during an ave...

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The Connection: Using Radio to Increase Internet Traffic

Many people aren't aware of the connections between different types of media, such as how many companies successfully use radio to increase internet traffic. However, even as these interactions multiply and the internet becomes increasingly engra...

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Is great radio with a small budget viable? Yes!

A small budget doesn't mean you can’t have great radio advertising People often say to us, “I don’t have enough money to advertise on radio,” or, “I tried radio for two months and it didn't work.” These complaints are saddening. The f...

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The Web has made radio more relevant

Internet has become an advertising ally, making radio more relevant. Your prospects can now respond to your radio ad at any time, anywhere. Before, radio advertising was only intended to motivate people to call or visit your business. Today, radio...

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They Already Know...

“Capps Broadcast Group has done a great job helping our company reach our clients. For over 10 years we have used Capps Broadcast Group to grow our company.” Neil Brown | NWB Sales | 541-278-6028

“We are very pleased with the work Capps Broadcast Group does for us. Everything we ask for is always done accurately and on time.” Kevin Greenwald | Andy’s Market | 509-529-1003

“For over 2 years now we have been using Capps Broadcast Group for both our local and regional adverting needs. We found a great response though the community. It’s nice to hear people come in and say they heard us on the radio, and the response we get to our spring and fall tire sales has been tremendous.” Scott Sullivan | Pendleton Tire Factory | 541-276-2774

“Advertising with Capps Broadcast Group is essential for us to hit our target market. It is a great way for the Chamber to recruit new members, and to build top of mind awareness for the Chamber. We value the services they provide for the community for both advertisers and listeners.” Gail Nelson | Pendleton Chamber of Commerce | 541-276-7411

“We utilize Capps Broadcast Group because it helps us deliver our message to the people closest to our doors. Thank you Capps for all that you do.” Randy Grant | Walla Walla YMCA | 509-525-8863

“Capps Broadcast Group had done an excellent job for me. I feel they get my message out in a professional way, which has been very effective.” Wayne Larson | Country Financial | 509 525-9106