Our Team

Julie Thompson

General Manager

Julie Thompson has been a marketing consultant with Capps Broadcast Group since 1999, and general manager since 2015. In that time she’s seen lots of change in the advertising and marketing field and not just in radio, but with the emergence of social media and online platforms as well. As a marketing consultant, developing relationships with local business people throughout Eastern Oregon and the Columbia Basin and creating effective marketing campaigns and strategies for her clients, have always been her top goals. Julie also enjoys coaching and brainstorming sessions with the Capps Broadcast Group sales staff, helping each one create real results for clients.

W. (541) 276-1511 F. (541) 276-1480
C. (541) 969-8305 E.

Nicolle Naughton

Marketing Consultant

Nicolle Naughton has been a marketing consultant with Capps Broadcast Group since 2004. She is a seasoned veteran with vast experience, and a top sales leader for the company. Her prosperity comes from thinking outside the box, helping companies market in ways that they have not done before, and creating messages that speak to the consumer.

W. (541) 969-2322 F. (541) 276-1480
C. (541) 969-2322 E.

Stephanie Hutchinson

Marketing Consultant

Stephanie Hutchinson joined Capps Broadcast Group in 2010 as a marketing consultant. With an extensive career devoted to sales, marketing and account management, her forte` is connecting with her clients. She becomes part of their team and takes the time to understand their history, their brand and their marketing goals. Stephanie works with her clients to customize creative ways to reach their ideal customers.

W. (541) 276-1511 F. (541) 276-1480
C. (541) 379-1324 E.

Kari Brooks

Marketing Consultant

Kari Brooks is a marketing consultant with Capps Broadcast Group. She has been with the company since 2013 and brings a marketing and sales background. Prior to coming to Capps, Kari worked as a store manager for Starbucks. She prides herself in putting the needs of the client first, in order to help them increase their business awareness and profits through advertising.

W. (541) 276-1511 F. (541) 276-1480
C. (541) 429-0996 E.

Jacklyn West

Marketing Consultant

Jacklyn West joins Capps Broadcast Group with a strong media and digital background. She is devoted to learning about her client's business and coming up with solutions for solving challenges and accomplishing marketing goals. 

W. (509) 522-1383 
C. (703) 623-5504  E.

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